St. Charles Gymnastics Academy
St. Charles Gymnastics Academy

Congratulations to Our State Champs!

Camryn Thompson
    Level 4, Youth D; 3rd Place BB, 3rd Place AA
Kallie Christopherson
    Level 4, Youth D; 2nd Place BB
Maeve Devlin
    Level 4, Child C; 2nd Place UB, 1st Place FX, 2nd Place AA

GIJO Swing Into Spring

SCGA says "Thank You!" to our parents, coaches, staff and everybody who made Swing Into Spring a success!. Congratulations to our GIJO Team, and to our guests.

April Calendar Changes

April 13: Level 6B-10, Regular Practice
April 14: All Level 6-7, 4:30-8:30
April 15: L6A Extra Day 7:00-9:00
April 15: L6B-10 Regular Practice
April 16: All L6-7 No Practice, L8-9 4:00-6:30
April 17: All L6-7 4:00-8:00
April 18: L6A & L8 8:00-12:00
April 18: L6B/7/9/10 No Practice

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Calendar Changes

February 18
Regular Practice
February 19
Regular Practice
February 20
Regular Practice
February 21
L3 Good Luck at Midwest!
L4,6,7 9:00am-12:00pm
L8,9,10 Good Luck at Midwest!
February 22
L4,6,7 Good Luck at Midwest
February 23
Regular Practice
February 24
Regular Practice
February 25
Regular Practice
February 26
Regular Practice
February 27
Regular Practice
February 28
No Practice -- GIJO Home Meet