St. Charles Gymnastics Academy
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Jessica Staples

Jessica is a 16-year-old junior at Crystal Lake Central High School in Crystal Lake, IL, competing in her 5th year as a level 10 club gymnast. She has had a passion for gymnastics since she was 4 years old. “Gymnastics has provided me with the opportunity to meet new people, travel and learn self discipline. I've learned that with hard work, dedication and a positive attitude any goal I set for myself is achievable.”

Jessica set her goals high while still early in her career: to qualify as an elite gymnast and to qualify for the USA Championships. Having achieved both of those goals while training at Cincinnati Gymnastics with Mary Lee Tracey and Enrique Trabanino, she has again set a challenge for herself: to qualify for Level 10 Nationals again and to compete gymnastics at the collegiate level. “I look forward to being part of a team and contributing in any way that I can. ”

Hometown: Crystal Lake, Illinois
High School: Crystal Lake Central High School
Graduation Year: Class of 2011
Vault: Layout Yurchenko
Training: Yurchenko Full
Bars: Blind 1/1 Tkatchev, Giant 1/2 Bail Hstd, Blind 1/1 Double Back
Training: Double Layout, Blind 1/1 Blind 1/2 Bail Hstd Toe Up, Khorkina
Beam: Flip Flop Layout 2 feet, Cat Leap Front Aerial, Straddle Jump Popa, Kickover front, RO 1 1/2
Training: Kickover Pike, Side aerial, Wolf Jump-Sheep Jump, Switch Leap-gainer full
Floor: Double Pike, Front Layout Front 1/1,Rudi
Training: Front Layout-Rudi
2006: Cincinnati Gymnastics
  • Verified at the ranch to international elite qualified to Visa Championships
  • Level 10 JO Nationals 1st place beam, 3rd place bars, 7th place all around
  • Level 10 Region 5 Championships 1st all around, 1st place beam, 3rd place bars
2007: Cincinnati Gymnastics/St Charles Gymnastics
  • Elite Training
2009: St Charles Gymnastics
  • 4th Place all around at Illinois Level 10 State Meet, 2nd place beam, 4th on bars
  • Navy Pier(IGI Chicago Style) -1st place all around, 1st place on beam, 1st on bars